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PowerPoint Shortcut Tools
PowerPoint Shortcut Tools
Work 3x more efficient!

Control PowerPoint with Keyboard Shortcuts

PowerPoint Shortcut Tools is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, which allows you to work much more efficiently when creating your presentations.

Set user defined shortcuts for your most used commands (e.g. align objects, group objects) to control PowerPoint with your keyboard.

In addition PowerPoint Shortcut Tools includes several helpful new commands (e.g. make objects same size, sort objects)

Shortcut Tools in action... (videos)

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Compatible with
PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint
2007 - 2016
Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows
XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

PowerPoint Shortcut Tools commands...
Shortcut Alt + 1 Align Left Alt + 1 Shortcut Alt + Q Group Alt + Q
Shortcut Alt + 2 Align Center Alt + 2 Shortcut Alt + W Ungroup Alt + W
Shortcut Alt + 3 Align Right Alt + 3 Shortcut Alt + B Make Same Width / Equalize Width Alt + B
Shortcut Ctrl + Shift+3 Align Right to Left Ctrl + Shift+3 Shortcut Alt + H Make Same Height / Equalize Height Alt + H
Shortcut Alt +R Duplicate Right Alt +R Shortcut Ctrl + 3 Resize/Stretch Width to Right Edge Ctrl + 3
Shortcut Alt + T Insert Textbox Alt + T Shortcut Alt + F Format Painter Alt + F
Shortcut Alt + N Insert Rectangle Alt + N Shortcut Alt + J Superscript Alt + J
Shortcut Alt + A Addup Textfields Alt + A Shortcut Alt + V Paste Unformatted Alt + V
Shortcut F1 Toggle Zoom F1 Shortcut F3 Start Slideshow F3
More shortcuts...
Videos: PowerPoint Shortcut Tools in action...

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